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Sloths 5 Panel Hat (Unisex)

Sloths 5 Panel Hat (Unisex)

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Sloths are the better-looking cousins of anteaters and armadillos. They spend most of their time in the trees of rainforests hanging upside down. While some people accuse these narley dudes of being slow, we would argue they are just frugal with their energy usage. Their slow metabolism means they must make every move count. Now in 5 Panel Fit! 

 Product Details 

  • Adjustable snap closure  
  • 100% polyester  
  • Unisex, one size fits most
  • Green background 
  • Light Green sweatband 
  • Machine washable
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    Sprints 5-Panel Hat


    Squishable sun blocker ​​

    Shield your eyes from the sun while out on a trail or flip thesquishable sun blocker up to better display your eye-brows on thestreet, if you’re that guy. ​ ​


    Adjustable snap closure​​

    Big domes, little domes, medium domes this hat adjustsfrom 22.8 to 24.3 inches  (that’s between a size 7 & 8 hat) and is ponytail approved. ​


    Built-in sweatband 

    Our mission is to help people SWEAT IN COLOR but also to help dealwith said sweat once perspiration starts. We did think of everything.  ​


    Tear drop vents

    We hope you cry tears of pure joy from how well ventedthese caps are. ​