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Unicorn Hat (Unisex)

Unicorn Hat (Unisex)

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What IS at the end of the rainbow? To answer this we must understand that every rainbow is a phenomenon resulting from water droplets dispersing light when the sun comes out after it rains. If we may, this basically sounds like a sweaty, wet-y, reflective umbrella. We don’t sell umbrella’s but this unicorn and rainbow hat will make you disperse light like a rainbow.

 Product Details 

  • Adjustable velcro closure  
  • 100% polyester  
  • Unisex, one size fits most 
  • Multi-colored background 
  • Light blue sweatband 
  • Machine washable
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    Customer Reviews

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    The O.G Sprints Hat


    1.7 ounces of performance wicking fabric

    Sprints searched the globe to source the perfect material to balanceperformance, weight and beauty and this is goldilocks. ​


    Adjustable Velcro closure

    Big domes, little domes, medium domes this hat adjusts from 22.8 to 24.3 inches  (that’s between a size 7 & 8 hat) and is ponytail approved. 


    Built-in sweatband 

    Our mission is to all walks of life SWEAT IN COLORTMbut also to help dealwith said sweat once perspiration starts. We did think of everything.  ​


    Tear drop vents

    We hope you cry tears of pure joy from how well ventedthese caps are.