Land of The Free Towel


My country ‘tis of thee is the only notable use of ‘tis we could find for the old-fashioned literary contraction of “it is”. This is the Sprints Land of the free towel, yes ‘tis. Sprints microfiber performance towels wipe away all the sweat and dirt that comes with a day at the beach, trail running, or traveling and feature a special slot to fit over your car seat headrest and protect from butt sweat.


Standing at a bodacious 62.5” X 32” this full-sized towel suits any & every workout.

Care Instructions

Sprints towel car seat covers are machine washable. Cold wash separately before first use! Tumble dry low.

  • 90% polyester/10% Nylon
  • Built in pocket to fit over all car seat headrests
  • Wicked absorbant