Can Sprints Reduce 100% Of Its Waste?

The Sustainability Problem

Fashion development creates waste. Excess fabric, defective products and returns all contribute to this waste. Sprints challenged itself to see if it could reduce 100% of the waste in its manufacturing process. The answer is no, but we got darn close. Check it out...

Meet The Hat Bag

Sprints has been collecting the excess fabric and defective products it produced over the last three years with hopes of finding a way to avoid the landfill. Our design team put their heads and hats together and the outcome was a 100% one-of-a-kind master-hat-piece. Meet the hat bag. An upcycled solution for carrying shoes, a quick workout kit or even pickleball paddles and balls.  

To make the hat bag we disassembled defective hats and reconstructed mismatched quilts of colorful beauty. The goal was to repurpose as much of the materials as possible. The bag structure and drawstring are all upcycled and new thread was the only new material introduced to the process.

17% To Go

The hats inner recycled plastic brim, original thread, velcro and innerfacing elements were not able to be repurposed. Our estimates show 83% of waste was repurposed. If you have ideas of how we can utilize the remaining 17% hit up our buddy Miles at with your ideas!

Want To Get Involved?

Do you have a Sprints hat you're done using? Don't trash it! We'll pay you to ship it back and give you $10 off your next purchase. Once we have your oldie but goodie we'll give it a good wash and make something awesome. Just fill out the form below!