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Uncle Sam's Rocket Project

Patriotic Charm in the U.S.A.

Neon Flash Reflective

Limited Edition Release

Limited Release


Learn How Sprints Is Working To Eliminate 100% Of Manufacturing Waste

The 2023 Pickleball Capsule

The Sprints universe just got pickley. New pickleball paddles, balls & hats.

Leave the boring bath towel in the bathroom. Absorb sweaty goodness and protect your car seat from sweat, dirt and post workout sloppiness.

Performance Towel

Carseat Covers

go the distance

Meet The Hat Bag

Our upcycled solution for carrying shoes, a quick workout kit, or even pickleball paddles and balls.  Each bag is 100% unique and was created using excess fabric from the Sprints manufacturing process.

5-Panel Hats

Shield your eyes from the sun out on a trail or flip the squishable sun blocker up to better display your eye-brows, if you’re that guy. ​ ​

Kids Hats

We sized down the adult OG hat by ~30%. Our guess is this hat works best for 4-9 year olds and even some 29 year olds (for real).

Winter Hats

Grandma said you lose 80% of your body heat through your head. She was scientifically wrong but these sweet hats are for the believers.


Buttery soft windbreakers, t-shirts that shirt like the best shirts do and hoodies, oh my! Apres run in style and dress for all seasons.