KIDS Insects Running Hat (Unisex)



Gnats are pronounced nats, like cats or bats but they suck way worse. One minute you’re running and minding your own business and the next you’re inhaling a small black insect. Did he die? Did you decrease your life expectancy? Was there any measurable protein consumed? Is he gonna live inside your lungs forever and build a little nest? For all these reasons the Sprints Insects hat is covered with lots of bugs, but no guh nats. Enjoy those trails.

What age KID is this for you ask? We have no idea. We've met man-child four year olds and peanut sized ten year olds. We love them equally. We sized down the adult hat by about 30% (ish) and it has an adjustable closure so you can strap 'em in. Our guess is this works best for 4-9 year olds but don't @ us.  

 Product Details 

  • Adjustable velcro closure  
  • 100% polyester  
  • Unisex, one size fits most 
  • White and tan background 
  • Green sweatband 
  • Machine washable