Buy Two Hats, And Add A Gaiter For FREE!
Buy Two Hats, And Add A Gaiter For FREE!
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About Us

Running is a sport anyone can do. Old or young, large or small, all parts of the gender spectrum, any race or ethnicity.  It’s a sport that brings us together. Most of us will never be Olympic athletes - we want to run some miles with friends, drink a beer, eat a donut and feel great about all of it. We are non-boring people doing fun things, wearing boring clothes. UNTIL NOW!

Sprints was founded by Eric (a super duper average runner guy) and Steph (a super above average designer lady). Eric was looking to rock a bit of personality on his athletic gear but could only find super standard black/gray/navy clothes.  He felt like there was a real opportunity to bring some fun to athletic gear. And that’s how Sprints was born.

Together Eric and Steph make collections of high-quality, nano-fabric athletic gear with great moisture wicking technology - also referred to as cool-runner-people-stuff. All items are printed with unique patterns and designed in Cincinnati, Ohio.

 Eric and Steph have learned there are packs of runner people who also suffer from boring runner clothes and who are eager to co-create awesome patterns with us on and on social media (@getsprints). Sprints aims to put smiles on people's faces and make everyone feel welcome. We hope a Sprints hat or jacket can make your day just a jaguar-ounce better. You can reach us via email at with any questions.