Vlasic Classic - Amateur Hour Pickleball Paddle


We met a wise guy stork schlepping some pickles and thought, let’s have a baby. Meet the Vlasic-Classic-Sprints-Prints pickleball paddle. The stork was already a “hat guy” and we like that. He also wanted to learn how to dink and slam so we made some pickleball gear to curb the appetite. Amongst him spewing facts about per capita pickle consumption this wise guy also claimed, ‘these are the best tasting pickles he’s ever heard’, remember his face is also on the jar.

 Product Features

    • Carbon fiber face
    • Honeycomb core
    • Sweat Proof Stitched Grip
    • Repeating pattern front, single image back
    • USAPA Approved 

Weight: 8 ounces

Length: 15.75 inches

Width: 7.75 inches

Thickness: 14.5mm

Handle Length: 5 inches