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You check the weather app and its 42.3 degrees Fahrenheit with no sun, which hat are you wearing? Answering the weather quiz properly is the difference between a comfortable workout and a sweat bath. You’re no thermoregulation expert but by the time you finish this article you’ll have a good rule of thumb for which types of hats to wear while exercising in different temperatures.

Hats For Cold Temperatures

Cold Weather

The 15 degree rule for running says add 15 degrees to the current temperature and dress how you would if you were in that temperature and not working out. Preparing to workout in 42.3 degree weather means dress how you would on a 57.3 degree day – unless you’re kind of crazy you likely would not have a heavy coat and winter cap on. Sorry for making you do math at any time in the day but these are the facts. Your body temperature will rise as you run and you want to be ready for the slightly hotter version of yourself. Keep your head on a swivel and in a beanie. Sprints offers a variety of winter caps with some featuring a fleece lining for extra warmth. 

Hats For Hot Temperatures

Hot Weather

In hot weather, it's important to choose a hat that provides shade and ventilation. Look for a hat with a wide brim or visor that can protect your face and neck from the sun. Sprints hats have 3 inch brims which is long enough to protect your face without looking like a silly goose. Lightweight materials like polyester or nylon can help wick sweat away from your skin and keep you cool. Mesh panels can also help provide ventilation and breathability. Also check out our article on UPF rating to understand how fabrics can protect from the sun. Finally, make sure your hat has a built-in sweat band. That salty stuff has to go somewhere, right? 

Hats For Weather: Rain Or Shine

Rainy Weather

Rain is not an excuse to skip that workout. It’s just an excuse to rock some more fashion accessories. In rainy weather, it's important to choose a hat that can help keep you dry. Look for a hat made of water-resistant materials like nylon or polyester. These materials can help repel rain and keep your head and face dry. A hat with a brim or visor can also help keep rain out of your eyes. 

Windy Weather

In windy weather, it's important to choose a hat that can stay in place and protect your head and ears from the wind. Look for a hat with a snug, comfortable fit that won't fly off or move around during your run. Sprints hats feature adjustable closures to enable different size domes and are also ponytail approved. Choosing a more aerodynamic hat can also make a windy run more enjoyable. Avoid trucker style hats or heavier fabrics on these days. 

Hats For The Adventurer

The Adventurer

If you are the jungle explorer type who ventures into the forest and the trees we strongly recommend a bucket hat. Not only are you gaining 360 degrees of sun protection but also a hat on a strap so you can easily carry the accessory around your neck until its game time. You can also remove that strap for the times you're feeling extra frisky. If that's not your style you can opt for a 5 panel hat which often features a more crushable, packable brim for easy stuffing into backpacks or suitcases. These style gained popularity during the explosion of trail races during the pandemic. 

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Hats For The Hot Head

Hot Heads

It is possible that you're the type of bloke or lassie that requires a bit more ventilation than average. In this hot head situation it is best to opt for a visor which combines the best of shade technology (a brim) with the best of cooling (no coverage). Just be careful because this can leave the top of the head exposed to the sun and could open the potential for sun burn. Some folks call these crownless hats, we think you can easily rock a visor while still rocking a crown. 

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Hats For Kids

Given the historically agreeable nature of kids you shouldn't have to put much thought into which type of hat is best for your child - kidding! Getting kids to wear hats can be somewhat challenging despite it actually having great benefits such as UPF protection from the sun. The key is finding one they WANT to wear. That's why finding a hat with a cool character on it or their favorite snack has shown to increase kids compliance with wearing a hat. 

Sizing can also be challenging with kids hats due to big variations in growth curves for children. That's why its best to find a hat with an adjustable closure and stretchy material like polyester. Learn more about choosing hat materials here

a child wearing a patterned hat

Hats For Cooling Down

Whether its post run or post gym workout it can be nice to have an extra hat on hand to swap into. This is the best time to opt for the taller trucker style hat or perhaps the style that you personally find the most comfortable. We personally find this the most appropriate time to opt for the more neutral solid colors like Sprints midnight mile hat. The lower key solid can provide a look of sophistication without the need to always be the center of the attention. But let's be honest, who doesn't always want to be the center of attention, so maybe apres run with a nice patterned windbreaker too.  

A man wearing a plain black hat and windbreaker

By considering these different types of hats and their benefits, you can choose the perfect hat for any weather condition or exercise scenario. Remember to choose a hat that provides shade, ventilation, warmth, or protection as needed. With the right hat, you can stay comfortable and safe during your runs, no matter what the weather throws your way. And for every one of your hat needs check out 

Eric Rose