KIDS Turtles Hat (Unisex)


To a KID snail, a turtle is a race car. To a KID turtle, a rabbit is a rocket ship. Some days your KIDDO is neither a race car nor a rocket ship and they just want to be a turtle. Maybe they live their life in full on turtle. We don’t judge. Regardless, if they don’t own a waving turtle hat they're literally living life as a KID turtle without a shell. Turtles are now in KIDS size! 

What age KID is this for you ask? We have no idea. We've met man-child four year olds and peanut sized ten year olds. We love them equally. We sized down the Sprints adult hat by about 30% (ish) and each hat has an adjustable closure so you can strap 'em in. Our guess is this works best for 4-9 year olds but don't @ us.  

Product Details

  • KIDS KIDS KIDS (don't accidentally order this thinking it's adult size)
  • Adjustable velcro closure 
  • 100% polyester 
  • Unisex, one size fits most KIDS (again here if you can read, it's for KIDS)
  • White background, green sweatband