Hair of the Dog Blue Car Seat Cover Towel


Few colloquialisms transcend language barriers quite like the four-legged friend phrase, hair of the dog. As the Hungarians teach us, ‘You may cure the dog’s bite with its fur’ and the German’s swear by ein Konterbier trinken, or having a counter-beer. Sprints hair of the dog is where canine charm meets a pint of personality. Woof. Sprints car seat cover towels feature a pocket to fit over any car seat head rest (or yoga mat) and protect from dog sized messes. 


      Standing at a bodacious 62.5” X 32” this full-sized towel suits any & every workout.

      Care Instructions

      Sprints towel car seat covers are machine washable. Cold wash separately before first use! Tumble dry low.

      • 90% polyester/10% Nylon
      • Built in pocket to fit over all car seat headrests
      • Wicked absorbant