You’re here because you are one of our Sprints Ambassadors! We are SO excited. to partner with you. We love working with non-boring people who do fun things and dig our style.  

We believe running is a sport anyone can do. Old or young, large or small, all parts of the gender spectrum, any race or ethnicity. It’s a sport that brings us together. Not because any of us will ever be Olympic athletes but because we want to run some miles with friends, drink a beer, eat a donut and feel great about all of it. 



Give me the deets.  

  • Sprints Welcome Package. Oh yeah, Sprints swag galore sent right to your doorstep. GET THE BOX-O-SWAG BELOW!
  • Promo Code. Your promo code for 20% off is your first name followed by your last initial (the name you applied with) XSPRINTS22. For example, if your name is Miles Jag, your code would be:
  • First Dibs on New Prints. Yes, you heard right. You will receive exclusive access to new products before they launch. 
  • Featured Posts. Post awesome stuff and be re-posted on the @getsprints  
  • Running Community. Connect with other non-boring people who love to sweat.  


Now for the nitty gritty.  

  • Get social. Social media is a pretty awesome way to spread awesome news. We ask that you post a picture of you rocking your Sprints hat(s) with your promo code at least twice per month. Be sure to use quality photos that provide a visual of how the hat fits and how unique the print is.  
  • Spread the word. If you are selected, share a post of the Sprints Ambassador graphic that we provide.  
  • Share the love. See something awesome? Share our posts with your followers to spread the word.  
  • Wear your hat. This one is easy. It's no secret these hats are compliment magnets. Be ready to talk about the product and why it's awesome - lightweight, breathable, machine washable, all that good stuff. Encourage folks to use your promo code.  

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