KIDS Bears Running Hat (Unisex)


You’re trail trottin’ in the woods and you encounter a bear. Whatcha gonna do? Hug it. Challenge it to a chugging competition? Get the #e!! outta there. These hairy beasts can sprint 30 miles per hour which is faster than you, but can they zig zag? Can they dodge, duck, dip, dive? Nope, they can’t. And wearing Sprints Bears pattern means you have exponentially increased your chances of survival. e^x for those geeks.

What age KID is this for you ask? We have no idea. We've met man-child four year olds and peanut sized ten year olds. We love them equally. We sized down the adult hat by about 30% (ish) and it has an adjustable closure so you can strap 'em in. Our guess is this works best for 4-9 year olds but don't @ us.  

 Product Details 

  • Adjustable velcro closure  
  • 100% polyester  
  • Unisex, one size fits most 
  • Blue background 
  • Yellow sweatband 
  • Machine washable