Lucy’s Pickle Craving - Amateur Hour Pickleball Paddle


Once she tested the sweet brine-y vinegar she was hooked. Lucy pickleballed for days, then weeks, and eventually it took over her entire life. She dressed in pickles, canned her own snacks and ended up losing her job due to an inability to leave the courts and show up to work on time. With her new found craving she also found happiness. Everything comes with tradeoffs. This pickleball paddle will improve your style, your mental game and at the very least make you appear superior on the court. 

Product Features

  • Carbon fiber face
  • Honeycomb core
  • Sweat Proof Stitched Grip
  • Repeating pattern front, single image back
  • USAPA Approved

Weight: 8 ounces

Length: 15.75 inches

Width: 7.75 inches

Thickness: 14.5mm

Handle Length: 5 inches