Nightfall Grizzly Car Seat Cover Towel


Under the cloak of night, a curious grizzly bear run-ventured into the forest, its keen senses alive with the mysteries of the dark. With each stride, the whisper of the wind beckoned it deeper into the wilderness, where shadows danced, and secrets awaited discovery. As the moon cast its gentle glow upon the forest floor, the bear's nocturnal trail run made all wonder, what is he running from?  


Standing at a bodacious 62.5” X 32” this full-sized towel suits any & every workout.

Care Instructions

Sprints towel car seat covers are machine washable. Cold wash separately before first use! Tumble dry low.

  • 90% polyester/10% Nylon
  • Built in pocket to fit over all car seat headrests
  • Wicked absorbant