Persistence Hat (Unisex)


Dinosaurs dominated the planet for approximately 165 million years from the Late Triassic period to the Late Triassic period. Despite their eventual extinction, their persistence through geological eras, climates & environments is enviable. And none more enviable than the ferocious t-rex arms who despite less inclined appendages, became the King of all persistent saurs. Represent the most persistent on this Sprints OG solid light blue beauty.

    Sizing & Fit

    Sprints OG hats feature an adjustable velcro closure on the back. The circumference is 22.8 inches and expands to about 24.3 inches which is a hat size 6 & 1/4 to 7 & 7/8. If you are an adult with a small dome don't hesitate to check out the kids sizes!

    Care Instructions

    Sprints OG hats are machine washable (wash alone on cold) and HANG TO DRY!

    • Featherweight fabric - 100% polyester, 1.7 ounces
    • Tear drop vents
    • Built in sweatband