Sprints Department of Amateur Athletics Duffel Bag (Orange)

$45.00 $55.00

Duffle bag and duffel bag are technically both correct however we call ours the duffel because we imagine duffle having an accent on the e and this is more bag than fancy sounding dessert. Drawing inspiration from a simpler time, Sprints Department of Amateur Athletics Duffel bag features only the zippers you need (two) – one to close the thing and a second for an inner pocket to keep valuables like those keys you always lose. Each bag also features a built in bottle opener for post run beers, sweet strap and retro logo.


9" wide x 19" long x 10" tall

Care Instructions

Machine wash cold, separately, hang to dry.

  • 100% polyester
  • Adjustable strap with the quality and vibes of the 1970's
  • Steel bottle opener